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Family / People
Family / People

Play Clip Nini Man
Play Clip Ikway Woman
Play Clip Nokomis Grandmother
Play Clip Mishomis Grandfathers
Play Clip Wedigaywin Union/Marriage
Play Clip Oondadizoowin Birth
Play Clip Binoojiing Child
Play Clip Neejawnisug Children
Play Clip Gwewinzenhs Boy
Play Clip Kwayzenhs Girl
Play Clip Gwewizaynsug Sons
Play Clip Neezhoday Twin
Play Clip Zhishay Uncle
Play Clip Chiahyaog Elders
Play Clip Oshkabaywis Helper
Play Clip Giwisayininwug Hunters
Play Clip Gitigaywininiwug Planters
Play Clip Ahdawaywinineeg Traders
Play Clip Ogimaa Leader
Canadian Heritage
This project was made possible with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage through Canadian Culture Online.
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