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The “Anishinaabemowin” spoken by the people of Kettle and Stony Point reflects the historical and cultural diversity of its First Nations people. The Anishinaabe belong to the Three Fires Confederacy comprised of Ojibways, Potawotamis, and Odawas. The dialectical difference in the Anishinaabemowin spoken by the fluent members of Kettle and Stony Point reflects their unique history; the language is a combination of both Pottawatomi and Ojibway.

Today there are fewer than ten fluent speakers presently in the community, a standard by which the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declares as ‘endangered’. Currently there is a long-term language revitalization strategy in effect to halt the decline in language fluency and usage that includes community language classes for adults and families, as well as the language classes taught in Kettle and Stony Point’s elementary school, and the creation of teaching materials that will be available online.

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Medicine / Cultural Things Bullet Seasons and Time Bullet Teaching Materials Bullet

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Play Clip Boozhoo, Greetings
Play Clip Aanii Hello
Play Clip Aniish na? How are you?
Play Clip Beindigan Come in
Play Clip Aaniish Eshnikaazyin What is your name?
Play Clip _____ Ndishnikaaz My name is ______
Play Clip Migwetch Thank you
Play Clip Gi zah gin I love you
Play Clip Gigawabamin Nagutch See you later
Play Clip Gigawabamin Menawah See you again
Play Clip Baamaapii Until later
Play Clip Giminadan Gagiginonshiwan It was nice talking to you
Play Clip Biwabamishinam Menawah Come see us again
Family / People

Play Clip Nini Man
Play Clip Ikway Woman
Play Clip Nokomis Grandmother
Play Clip Mishomis Grandfathers
Play Clip Wedigaywin Union/Marriage
Play Clip Oondadizoowin Birth
Play Clip Binoojiing Child
Play Clip Neejawnisug Children
Play Clip Gwewinzenhs Boy
Play Clip Kwayzenhs Girl
Play Clip Gwewizaynsug Sons
Play Clip Neezhoday Twin
Play Clip Zhishay Uncle
Play Clip Chiahyaog Elders
Play Clip Oshkabaywis Helper
Play Clip Giwisayininwug Hunters
Play Clip Gitigaywininiwug Planters
Play Clip Ahdawaywinineeg Traders
Play Clip Ogimaa Leader
Medicine / Cultural Things

Play Clip Mushkodaywushk Sage
Play Clip Weskwu mashkoseh Sweet grass
Play Clip Gisheekandug Cedar
Play Clip Ahsayma Tobacco
Play Clip Ininaig Maple
Play Clip Ishkoday Ahsin Flint/ Fire Rock
Play Clip Dikkinagun Cradleboard
Play Clip Gahskeebidaggun Bandolier bag
Play Clip Ahbwi Paddle
Play Clip Jemonnug Canoes
Play Clip Weegwasi Jeemon Birch bark canoe
Play Clip Ahki Earth (land)
Play Clip Mitigwakik daywaygun Water drum
Play Clip Sheshegwun Shaker
Play Clip Opwagun Pipe
Play Clip Manomin Wild rice
Play Clip Odoidaymiwan Clan system
Play Clip Gitchie Manito Great Mystery
Play Clip Ekinamadiwin Teachings
Play Clip Mushkeeki Medicine
Play Clip Manitouwabi Spirit
Play Clip Nagamoon Song
Play Clip Neegawnnakayg Prophets
Play Clip Neegoniwabungigaywin Ability to see into the future
Play Clip Bawazigaywin Dream
Play Clip Bawajigaywin Vision Quest
Play Clip Megis Cowries shell
Seasons and Time

Play Clip Zeegwung Spring
Play Clip Neebing Summer
Play Clip Beboong Winter
Play Clip Dagwaging Fall
Play Clip Waaban Dawn
Play Clip Bedabun False dawn
Play Clip Jibwah Before
Play Clip Nongo Today
Play Clip Kizheb Morning
Play Clip Naakwek Noon
Play Clip Shkwa naakwek Afternoon
Play Clip Naakshig Night
Play Clip Shki Naakshig Evening
Play Clip Aabta dibikaag Midnight

Play Clip Owayseug Animals
Play Clip Maengun Wolf
Play Clip Misabe Mukwa Grizzly bear
Play Clip Mizheekay Turtle
Play Clip Mukwa Bear
Play Clip Muskodayn Bishikee Buffalo
Play Clip Nigig Otter
Play Clip Wabizhashi Martin
Play Clip Wawashkeshshi Deer
Play Clip Wazhushk Muskrat
Play Clip Zhongwyzh Mink
Play Clip Binashee Bird
Play Clip Migizi Eagle
Play Clip Ahjijawk Crane
Play Clip Mahng Loon
Play Clip Ziishib Duck
Play Clip Gigoon Fish
Teaching Resource Materials
Simple Introductions
Head and Parts of the Body
Parts of the Head
Parts of the Body
Days of the Week-Months
Simple Phrases
Demonstration Video
Canadian Heritage
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