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The Kettles

The Kettles Photo GalleryThe Kettles or 'concretions' that distinguish Kettle and Stony Point are of cultural and spiritual significance to the Anishinaabe.  According to storytellers, who are also the oral historians of the First Nation, the Kettles are Thunderbird eggs.

The Thunderbirds are powerful spirits that bring healing rains to the land and people; the point is said to be the nesting place for the Thunderbirds.  For geologists the kettles are 'concretions', naturally occurring phenomena amongst sedimentary rocks that formed millions of years ago.

There are many different sizes of kettles that range from miniscule to gigantic.  In either case, the kettles are precious because of their rarity as there are few places in the world where kettles occur; however, there is no other place in the world that is home to the spherical concretions found in Kettle and Stony Point.

Both the cultural and scientific explanations for the kettles are compatible because they speak volumes about environmental stewardship and the preservation of natural phenomena.

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