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The following is a list of links to various organizations, as well as historic events related to Kettle & Stony Point First Nations. If you would like to be linked from our site, please click here.

Chippewas of Kettle & Stony Point

Kettle & Stony Point First Nation Hillside School
London District Chiefs Council
Job Connect
Southern First Nations Secretariat
Assembly of First Nations
Union of Ontario Indians
Indian and Northern Affairs
Aboriginal Peoples Television
Anishinabek Police Service
Health Canada First Nations

Links to Events in the History of the Chippewa of Kettle and Stony Point | History: Background of the Ipperwash Land Claims
Kettle Point Ontario - History
The appropriations of Stony Point Reserve and the Creation of Camp Ipperwash
Chiefs of Ontario

Organizations Affiliated with Kettle Point
Southern First Nations Secretariat
The Union of Ontario Indians
Assembly of First Nations
Anishinabek Police Services
Indian & Northern Affairs Canada
The Union of Ontario Indians
First Nations & Inuit Health
Chiefs of Ontario
Indian Hills Golf Course
Land Code Development

Historic Events Links

Techumseh and the War of 1812: A Legends Fall
Techumseh: Biography from
The Shawnee in the War of 1812
Techumseh's War of 1811
Wikipedia: Techumseh
Tecumseh: A Biography of the Shawnee Chief
Chief Tecumseh
The Canadian Encyclopedia: Tecumseh
Tecumseh and the Shawnee Prophet

War of 1812

History of the War of 1812
The Canadian Encyclopedia: War of 1812

Battle of the Thames

Battle of the Thames: Information from
Battle of Moraviantown

Ipperwash Inquiry Report

The Ipperwash Inquiry - Final Report

Rachael Shawkence

General Account of her Life (PDF)

Ojibway Clan Systems

So you should know: Ojibway Clan System

Anishinabe Legends
Manabozho Stories and other Anishinabe Legends
Cloud Catcher and the Moon Woman
A Gust of Wind
How the Fly Saved the River
The Girls Who Wished to Marry Stars
The Two Jeebi-ug

Canadian Heritage
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