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Kettle & Stony Point First Nation History Culture Stories

Last War Story
by Emery Shawnoo

“This one came from our Dad.  And he said it came from his grandpa Cornelius Shawnoo, his Indian name was Waabgiizhik.  And Waabgiizhik told my dad, ‘One day there’s gonna be a final war before the world ends. When the white man and the Indians, and in this final war it’s gonna seem like the Indians are losing, and their gonna put all the Anishinaabeg, all our people, into one land and their gonna have done all they can to us, but they won’t.’  He says.

My dad said, ‘they’re gonna call on those thunders, and the Indians will call those thunders for help,’ he says.  ‘And those Indians were calling those thunders, and them thunders were striking at those big long guns.’

‘The white man,’ he says, ‘that battle the Indians won, then the war, the world was coming to a final end.  I may not, my dad said grandpa said to him, I’m gonna see it in my life.  And maybe you, Coleman, won’t see it in your life, but maybe your children might tell them:  Don’t worry, the thunders will help.’  That’s one story our dad told us”.

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